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about us




Imagination is limitless, but nothing is truly without limits—everything that is, was, or will be is bound by the natural laws of the universe. Understanding the physics of light and sound illuminates a path—unburdened by hesitation—in the creative approach. A fine tuned synthesis of truth and delirium is the driving force behind Fracture.


"The art of science—the science of art"

Fracture embraces a methodical balanced between the science and the art—an approach we believe to be the apex of our process. Projects incubated within the Fracture network are subjected to the highest of standards and cared for with atomic precision. Fracture brings with it a back-catalogue of trial and error—an affinity for Research and Development—offering streamlined management and creative solutions from Pre to Post.






Productions are reaching a level of sensory overload never before experienced in modern history. While visual stimuli are at the forefront, we believe sympathetic response is triggered by sound—the bond between what you see and what you feel.

"three four three meters per second"

From Music Production to Sound Design for Film—Fracture covers the full spectrum of audio. Between Fracture's in-house studio and a short list of commercial studios we occupy, equipment and spaces are secondary to our philosophies and approach.






Immersion—suspension of disbelief— is the most powerful byproduct of motion picture. This tool allows content creators to tap into the human psyche and guide the viewer through an experience unmatched by any other format—a synaptic link to your truth.


"700 nano meters"

 Fracture deploys RED Digital Cinema cameras regardless of project complexity. Exclusive use of the RED workflow ensures the capture of unparalleled image quality—warranted by our strict QC standards. Equipment packages are curated with a minimalist approach—peak efficiency is best served by a small footprint—favoring modern iterations of production equipment such as; LED lighting in place of Tungsten; High payload drones in place of Helicopters.

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